Throwback Thursday- Cant.Stop.Crafting! Scratch offs!

I am linking up with the adorable Cara from The First Grade Parade for her Throwback Thursday Linky Party!

This took A LOT of courage my friends! My earlier posts from way back when are down right SCARY. Please don’t judge and maybe don’t meander TOO far back (they’re THAT bad!). Blogging has been a learning and growing experience (to say the least!!!).
My throwback blog post isn’t one of my most popular ones, instead it was probably my first semi-legit post that I was proud of. No picture tags or editing, probably a few grammatical errors, but hey, I’m proud of it! :)
Originally posted on: August 15th, 2011
Cant.Stop.Crafting! Scratch Offs!
Even though I have NEVER claimed to be a crafter, when I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest, I figured this could be something I could handle! After a little digging, I found that this incredible idea belongs to the blog ArtMind. I’m not sure if this person is the originator of this fab idea, but I must pay SOMEONE credit! :)
I plan to use these scratch offs as an incentive in my classroom. Some ideas that come to mind include: someone that consistently turns in their homework, someone who is caught paying it forward, perhaps 1 new star student a week or month?! The possibilities are endless, but I have NO DOUBT in my mind my kids will go GAGA for them! 
You will need: 
-Colored card stock (buy the small ones that are already cut, or cut your own) 
-Contact paper
-Modge Podge or glue
-Silver paint and paintbrush 
-Dish soap
-Printable “lottery tickets” 
1.) Download and print out the “lottery tickets” found below. Cut them apart on the solid line. 
2.) Modge Podge or glue the printable “lottery ticket” to your pre-cut card stock (I bought the card stock this size, but you could just free-hand cut your own).
3.) Cut a square of contact paper large enough to cover the square above on the lottery ticket. You can cut the contact paper so that it is large enough to cover the entire lottery ticket, but it is not necessary. 
4.) Now that your contact paper is on your lottery ticket/card stock, squirt out a little bit of silver paint onto your work surface (no special silver paint here- I just grabbed the first bottle I saw).
5.) Next, grab your dish soap and squirt a little bit right onto your silver paint. Then mix the paint and dish soap together.
6.) Last, simply brush the soap/paint mixture right onto your contact paper. It’s ok if a little soap/paint gets onto the plain paper, but the key is to keep it on the contact paper, since this is what the kids will be “scratching”. 

Please don’t mind my fuzzy pictures or my nasty un-maincured nails, as pajamas and bed-head have been a staple for me for a few days (or weeks- shh!)

Click HERE or the image below to access the scratch off “lottery tickets” I created!

Classroom Lottery Scratch Offs FREEBIE! -Young Teacher Love by Kristine Nannini

Here are the supplies I used:

See the link below for the step-by-step instructions that I used to guide me:

How to Make Scratch Off Lottery Tickets

Happy (kind of) crafting! :)


Thanks for reading that oldie! Click HERE to go to the original post. Head on over to Cara’s blog to link up! :) 


  1. I absolutely love these and I am so glad you reposted! Thank you so much for sharing your tickets. I am definitely going to be making those this fall!

  2. I loved your old post!!! I have seen the “scratch off” tickets on pinterest, but I never clicked a link to see how to do it!! Pretty easy, I might just do something like it this year. Thanks for sharing!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  3. I am happy you shared this post! I have just begun blogging myself about teaching Grade 2 and teahcing Art classes. (Find me at ) I find it takes a lot of confidence for each post and it helps me to see how such a great blogger, like yourself, started out! :)

  4. LOVE this. You are so creative. On a different note, I have a question for you and can’t seem to find your email address–is there a good way to contact you with a longer question?

  5. Being a parent, I have still never thought that I would ever be ought to deal with home assignmnets. My children though had a great impact on such my views. Thus, I had to take up to online homework help services.

  6. Love the lottery! What a fun idea!

    I blog over at my personal blog Beyond the Gradebook and I just started my own teaching blog yesterday at Elementary Exploration. I’d love to have you visit my new blog! Also, I’m moving from fifth grade to fourth grade this year and I’m so excited!!

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