Favorite Pins Friday!

Party time!! Summer time bloggin’ for this lady means lots of link ups! Don’t mind if I do!

Who isn’t obsessed with Pinterest?! I’m SO obsessed that I have a separate teaching Pinterest and personal Pinterest! AND because I am linking up, I thought I would share my personal page.

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Here are my favorite teaching related pins:

How adorable is this “Main Stage” area from First Grade Fresh?! This is such a great idea and it’s cute to boot!

Since I am an organization freak, A Modern Teacher’s math manipulative organization ideas make me very happy!

Here are my favorite style pins:
How sweet and cozy does this sweatshirt look from Camp Brand Goods? Love it!!
I just bought the cutest green pants from the Gap that make me think I could pull this look off! So cute!

How cool are these signature necklaces from Brevity Jewelry? A tad expensive, but they would make for such a sweet gift!

Here are my favorite home decor pins: 
We have such a tiny little kitchen in our new home, so these pantry cupboards are kind of amazing.

Currently our laundry is in our super scary and dark basement. I have been begging my sweetie to give it a facelift. Last week a baby mouse was found. Here’s to hoping I get that facelift sooner rather than later! ;) How sweet is this little laundry room from House and Home?

I need this ETSY print for my home office. Seriously.

Here are my favorite foodie pins: 
Aunt Annie’s copycat pretzel and cheese dip recipe!? HOLY COW!!! Food blogger Yammies Noshery is one of my favs!
I’m seriously trying to be paleo and healthy, but could probably eat 4 packages of Reese’s PB cups in one sitting. Here is Practical Paleo’s answer for my shameful addiction.

Here are my favorite quotable pins:
My absolute favorite and one that I have to remind myself of on the daily.

From one of my favorite blogs Venspired… this WILL be hanging in my classroom this year! :)

Here is my favorite funny pin of the week: 

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Cheers to the weekend!


  1. I would LOVE this laundry room. Mine is clean, but dark and still in the basement. I’m not sure I would enjoy doing the laundry any more, but I wouldn’t dread it for sure :)

  2. I love the quotes, especially the first one. It is easier said than done, but so true and so worth it!


  3. Hi there! I’m your newest follower! I’m being moved from 1st to 5th this year and I am CLUELESS! Hoping to get some great ideas from your blog :)

    Teachery Tidbits

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