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Kindness Character Education Curriculum

Kindness Character Education Curriculum

Build a positive culture in your classroom and empower students to be their best selves! This kindness resource equips you with an entire toolbox of materials to help your students develop and practice positive character traits.

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Product Description

Build a positive culture in your classroom and empower students to be their best selves! This kindness resource equips you with an entire toolbox of materials to help your students develop and practice positive character traits.

This kindness resource is part of a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) or Character Education Curriculum that you can use for the entire year. This resource is filled with meaningful lessons, materials, hands-on activities, anchor charts, bulletin board materials, parent letters, and more. The kindness materials in this resource will cover your SEL or Character Education time for the entire month!  Coming soon: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Cooperation, Empathy, Generosity, Perseverance, Friendship, and Integrity

This is a comprehensive resource that has wide variety of tools to teach and promote kindness in your classroom. Included in this print and digital resource:

Kindness Pacing Guide: This pacing guide organizes your entire month of kindness. It will help you plan and set aside enough time to complete the curriculum with your students.

Kindness Parent Letter: Use this letter to get parents and other family members involved so they can reinforce the character education lessons at home. This letter provides parents with tools to help them explain, model, and praise kindness in the home. Additionally, it includes a list of books and movies that families can enjoy together.

Kindness Read Alouds: Choose to read any or all of the read aloud texts that teach different aspects of kindness. Each book makes for a great discussion. I’ve included links to each book for you to check out.

Kindness Bulletin Boards: Introduce kindness to your students with a beautiful bulletin board display. Keep this display in your classroom for the entire month that you are teaching kindness. Everything you need to create the display is included. I also include pictures of completed examples for you to follow.

Kindness Anchor Chart: Introduce kindness and create a useful reference for your students. It’s a great way to keep learning accessible to students. Students can refer back to this anchor chart as they respond to questions, work independently, and contribute to discussions during your SEL or Character Education lessons throughout the month. A printable version of the anchor chart is also included.

Kindness Posters: Provide students with a visual definition of kindness that you can post around your room. There are six different posters that define kindness. Each poster has the same message with different clip art that shows an example of kindness. The clip art includes multicultural children to reflect the diverse learners in our classrooms.

Random Acts of Kindness Calendar: Use this calendar to challenge your students to perform an act of kindness each day. It is editable so you can change the month or the acts of kindness.

Additionally, you can edit this resource to make different versions of the calendar so students are doing different acts of kindness than their classmates each day.*EDITABLE

Doodle Reflection Page: This doodle reflection page is a creative way to get students to think about what kindness is and ways they can show it. It includes reflection questions, examples of kindness, fun kindness quotes, and doodles for students to color

Kindness in the News Activity: In this printable activity, students will use a news article to learn about the impact of kindness in their own community. Specific directions, research tips, planning pages, and multiple templates are included.

Capturing Kindness Activity: In this printable activity, students will create a social media feed with acts of kindness they have seen, experienced, or done for others. I’ve included options for drawing pictures, writing about it, or both drawing and writing.

3-D Kindness Crafts: 3-D kindness crafts are a great way to help students reflect on kindness. They will respond to prompts and use their completed responses to build a 3-D heart or 3-D hot air balloon. They can be made with three to seven prompts. You can pick and print the pages that you would like your students to complete.

Quote of the Week: Each week, discuss a new quote about kindness with your students. Quote of the week includes five different kindness quotes. For each quote, I’ve included an activity page with three short-answer questions to help students reflect on the quote’s meaning. Each quote is available in a speech bubble that you can print for use on a bulletin board or for hanging around your classroom. The discussion questions are on a separate page. There is also an option to print the quote and discussion question on a single page.

Kindness Scenarios: I created these kindness scenarios to allow your students to place themselves in new situations and think about ways to be kind. These scenarios are a great way to inspire meaningful conversations in your classroom. You can display the scenarios on your bulletin board for a class discussion or print the scenarios and allow students to work in groups or independently.

Kindness Reader’s Theater: Readers theater will help with fluency, comprehension, and speaking and while studying character education. There are three scripts for students to read and perform:

  • Chain of Kindness: In this story, each character that receives an act of kindness turns and performs an act of kindness for another person. It teaches about the idea of “paying it forward” and how kindness is contagious.
  • Kindness: Take One!: In this story, the characters are actors on a film set working for a picky director. To appease the director, the actors keep filming several takes as they try different ways to help a friend whose birthday was canceled. By the end of this play, students will see the many different ways they can be kind and help lift up a friend.
  • Kindness Game Show: In this story, your students will be playing the host and contestants in a game show. The contestants in this game show earn money for their favorite charity by answering questions about how to be kind to different groups of people.

Writing Prompts+ Publishing Pages: There are five writing prompts that encourage students to reflect and write about kindness. They include writing about a time they were kind, a time someone was kind to them, different ways to show kindness, a short story about kindness, and responding to a situation with kindness. I’ve also included a bulletin board, writing paper, and clipart to turn this into a display for your classroom or hallway.


*As always, please ask ANY and ALL questions before purchasing. Thank you so much!
Thank you, and enjoy!

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