Classroom Management

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  • Meet the Teacher Editable Templates


    This resource includes everything you will ever need to have a successful and stress-free Meet the Teacher or Open House. It’s also editable so that you can customize it to reflect your information, procedures, and teaching philosophy.

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  • Monthly and Weekly Editable Newsletters and Calendars


    This resource makes school-to-home communication simple and stress-free. Don’t stay awake at night wondering: Do my parents know about our different schedule? Where are these permission slips? Why hasn’t anyone volunteered to help in class lately? School-to-home communication is so important, but it can become stressful and feel disorganized if you’re not giving it constant work and attention. These editable templates will solve that problem for you.

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    Classroom Procedures Step-by-Step Guide and Checklist BUNDLE


    This bundle includes my best-selling classroom procedures checklist and the step-by-step guide to help you model and teach the procedures from the checklist. See each resource for detailed descriptions and previews.

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  • 4th Grade Math Student Data Tracking Binder – Editable


    Put students in charge of tracking their own learning and data! With this 4th Grade Math Student Data Tracking Binder, your students will monitor their own growth and progress using standards based assessments (also found in my store), rate and date their learning using Marzano’s Levels of Thinking/Understanding, and keep track of “I can” statements or learning targets as they progress through the Common Core Standards.

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  • Classroom Procedures Step-by-Step Guide – Back to School Classroom Management


    In this resource, I break down 80+ classroom procedures and provide you with a step-by-step plan to thoroughly model and teach them to your students. Each procedure has notes, organization ideas, and real-life examples of things that occurred in my classroom to help you.

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  • Classroom Procedures to Teach


    This resource takes all of the guesswork out of your beginning of the year management plan. Simply take out this list, and teach each procedure based on your management philosophy!

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