Beginning of the Year Team Building Updates

How has your summer vacation been going? Mine has been both relaxing and busy at the same time. I have been working like a busy bee planning for my mid-August nuptials! If you follow me on Instagram, then you’re definitely up to date on all things wedding!

I’ve also been making more of an effort to unplug on the weekends and spend time with family and friends. The picture below is my fiancé and I on his birthday. I surprised him with a trip to Northern Michigan to tour all of the wineries. It was such a great weekend!
I also promised myself (and my amazing blog readers) that I would have my HUGE 5th Grade Math and English Language Arts Daily Morning Work pack out before the beginning of the year. I am working so hard every single day to keep that promise! It has taken on a life of its own and is even more awesome than I originally anticipated.
Stay tuned for more news on the release date!
Last, I wanted to let you know that I’ve given my Beginning of the Year Team Building pack a huge facelift! Click HERE to check it out!

I have added new games and activities, clarified the directions to make them easier for you, and I’ve added printables to help you easily implement these games and activities in your own classrooms! Below is a quick look at just SOME of the additions/printables I’ve added. Click HERE to check out the preview to see more of the updates!

Starting your year off on the right foot is crucial. Building a community of learners is one of the first things I tackle at the start of the new school year! You want your students to feel welcomed and safe in your classroom. If you want to read more about how I use this Beginning of the Year Team Building pack in my classroom, see these blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.
If you already own this resource, click HERE to redownload it on TpT to grab your updates for FREE! If you don’t own it yet, I have it marked 20% off until midnight EST tonight!


  1. Elyse Jahnke says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR UPCOMING WEDDING! What an exciting time!! It continues to boggle my mind how you are able to DO IT ALL!! I’m glad you were able to get up north… if there is ANYWHERE that YOU could relax, it is up north for sure! My hubby and I head up to Harbor Springs a few times a year… the best! However, even with all your wedding planning and being the best fiancee ever with your surprise bday trip, you still make time to crank out that TpT… AND BLOG ABOUT IT!! THIS is why you are totally my IDOL!! Again, congrats and enjoy your VERY special day in August!! :-D

  2. @Elyse- Thank you so much for your kind comments! They mean SO much! Now about being the best fiancé…ha! That’s debatable! ;) JK!! Harbor Springs is a gorgeous area of Northern Michigan! What a great place to get away to! Thank you so much again, and I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

  3. I’m trying to add you on Bloglovin’ but when I search theres an older version that ends in .ca and doesn’t show your newer posts. Do you know why?

    Don’t worry about it though. I can just check your blog old-style. I just wanted to know if you’d had this issue before.

  4. I was really hoping to get to meet you in Vegas, but I guess with all your wedding planning life is pretty busy right now! Your resources helped me so much this past year. I taught a combination class of third and fourth graders and I was blind sided with this right before school began. Your test packets especially helped me more than you will ever know– I have both third and fourth grade and both are AMAZING. I am so lucky to have found your page and you really helped me survive this year! Thank you so much and best of luck with your upcoming wedding– I love your envelopes by the way :)

  5. @Alyssa- Oh my goodness! Sweetest comments ever! Thank you! I am super bummed I didn’t get to go to Vegas, but with my wedding less than a month away, there was no way! I appreciate your kind comments so much and I am so glad to hear that I was able to help you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  6. I love everything you make, and this soon-to-be revealed morning work is sure to be amazing!! Can’t wait! (I teach 4th….so maybe that could be coming in the future?? hehe–Don’t strangle me!) The back to school activity pack just looks awesome and it’s been on my TPT wishlist forever. I think I can no longer resist it! FINALLY (and most importantly), best of luck for your special day!! You know I LOVE your calligraphy on the black envelopes (nearly DIED when I saw it on IG), am waiting in angst to see which shoes you chose, and HOPE you’ll do a post about the details of your wedding after you’ve returned from your honeymoon and have time to settle in. I know it will be FAB! It’s Elementary, My Dear!

  7. @You are SO sweet, Lindsey! Thank you! I appreciate your kind words more than you know! I have been working like a crazy person trying to get this morning work out before my wedding, which is about two weeks away now! Never a dull moment, right?! Hopefully 4th grade will immediately follow! ;) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  8. I love your work! Can I ask what program you use to create them?

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