Walking Through Standards Based Grading: Part 3 and a Teacher Data Tracking Tool

I am back for part 3 of standards based grading (click here to read part 1 and click here to read part 2). 

Not only am I back to share the “HOW?” of standards based grading, but I’m also here to share with you an incredible reporting tool I created that I am so excited about!

Let’s get down to business.

I have broken down the how into four easy-to-understand parts:

First is content standards, which to many of us is the Common Core:

The tough job of understanding what the standards say has been done for you. Click here to check out my math assessments. Click here to check out my ELA assessments.

The next part is planning, creating, and implementing a curriculum:

The third part is assessments:

Click here to read Edutopia’s article.
The last part is probably my favorite. It’s all about the reporting tool. How do we, as teachers, inform our students and their parents of their progress? How do we keep track of all of this data for ourselves as well?
*Before I tell you about these reporting tools, please know that they are for ALL teachers. Not just teachers that use standards based grading! If you use traditional grading (i.e., A-F scale) you can also use these.
Click here to check out the 4th Grade version, click here to check out the 5th Grade version, and click here to check out the 3rd Grade version!
The great thing about these resources is that I have created them not only for teachers using standards based grading, but for ALL teachers. If you are using traditional grading and report cards you can use them too. I have also included pages in these packs to help you plan and group your students for small group instruction or RTI (response to intervention).
Here is how I use THIS Teacher Data Tracking tool:
Here are some pictures of the pages included in this resource. With this page below, the standards are written on top and color coded for each domain. There are two versions of this page, one says Pre-Assessment on top and the other says Post-Assessment on top. You can type or write your students’ names on the document and either put their score or a check mark under Intervention, At Standard, or Enrichment depending on how well they did on their assessments.
All of the pages in this resource are great for reporting to parents. I plan to use these as report cards or progress reports throughout the year. Once again, all of the domains are color coded for easy organization and the standards are written out for both parents and students to see.

The page below is an another great resource for documentation. You can keep track of all pre-assessments, assignments, formative assessments, and post-assessments for each student. You can also check a color coded box next to each assignment/assessment to quickly see how the student is doing with mastery of the standard, or to quickly place them in small groups for any intervention, re-teaching, or enrichment groups.

Remember, this resource is completely editable. So you can type on the above page instead. I also include a text editable PDF, and I have it set up so that you can just click one of the colored boxes and it automatically puts in a check mark for you!

You can then take the above information, and use the color coded boxes to form your groups using this page below. These pages are also color coded by domain, and have the standards written on top. I plan to use these when forming my small groups for instruction or RTI groups. I typically have so many students going in and out of my class for interventions throughout the day, and so many adults that I need to communicate this info to, so this will help all of us stay organized.

Here are some more pages:
This page is really helpful when planning your intervention, at grade level, or enrichment lessons.

The pages I have shown you are only a small sample of these 800+ page resources. Click here to download a preview of my 3rd grade resource, click here to download the preview of my editable 4th grade resource, and click here to download the preview of my editable 5th grade resource to see more of what’s included. Click the button below to see all three grade levels.

For those of you that have been reading this standards based grading blog post series from the beginning, as promised, click here to grab all of the info in PDF form! This PDF also includes my cupcake analogy poster shown below!


  1. Thanks so much @Brittany! Not sure yet! Perhaps if there are enough people that are interested in them!

    1. I’m interested! :) If you made one, I’d definitely buy it.

    2. I would definitely be interested in a 2nd grade version. I love standard based teaching and learning. Thanks for your products!

      1. Kristine Nannini says:

        Thanks so much, Kim!

        1. I am looking for a 1st grade version similar to this. Will you be making one? If so, I will wait to purchase yours.

          1. Kristine Nannini says:

            Hi Angie- Thanks for your question! At this time, I haven’t decided if I will be creating a 1st grade version. Make sure you follow my store to receive an email notification if I decide to create it. Have a great day!

    3. Kristi Rahm says:

      I am a 2nd grade teacher and would LOVE to have this!

      1. Kristine Nannini says:

        Thanks so much, Kristi!

  2. How do you translate this into grades each nine weeks? I love this idea, but we do A-F grades on report cards.

  3. @Lisa- these technically don’t have anything to do with standards based grading! You can use ANY grading system! If you use an A-F scale, these Teacher Data Tracking and Grade Book pages will work perfectly!!

  4. Such a great post! I’ve loved reading about how you do standards based grading-it’s given me some amazing information! Thank you so much for sharing!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  5. Looking forward to using these! Do you create other assessments for each standard other than the 10 questions per standard that you sell? Do you allow students to reassess at their will throughout the quarter? I’m wondering if 5th graders are developmentally ready for that responsibility? I know my 8th graders are but I’m debating how far to go with SBG and 5th. Love reading your thoughts!

  6. Haha! Oh Liz you made my night! Thank you for that comment! I can totally relate!

    @Taylor thanks for your comments! There’s a lot of info out there about re-assessing in middle/high school. I couldn’t find anything for elementary. I do think it’s a great idea and I totally think 5th graders can handle it. There are so many kids that with a bit more time probably could master the standard. I’m interested in testing this out myself this year because I’ve not tried it yet!

  7. Anonymous says:

    We are not doing standards based grading yet but I am interested in this and your data pack. How can I incorporate them when it seems the work handed down from my district contains a mixture of reading standards. Also are you planning on creating activities and classwork that can help students master each standard? I teach 5th grade ela…:) Ps u are great!!

  8. I’m sure you’ll get this question a lot but is there any chance you’ll make a first grade one? This looks awesome and like just what I need!
    Thanks! Rambling About Reading

  9. Love all of your products!! I would love to know how you get it all done!?! I mean the grading and recording… It is something I struggle with every year!! Getting everything done in a timely manner… I LOVE all of your stuff but have no idea how to get it all done!! Any words of wisdom??

  10. Thank you so much… you make it so much easier to understand than all these boring PD workshops I have to attend! You’re amazing!

    Floating Through Fifth

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can guarantee my Second Grade team would be on board. We are struggling with the grading system implementation right now.

  12. This is a great resource. Are the titles and standards editable or just the body? Could I replace the 5th grade standards with 6th grade standards myself, or is that part not editable? I can see this coming in handy this year.

    Speaking of 6th grade, I get very excited whenever you mention that you’re working on the 6th grade Math assessments. I’ve been waiting for them for awhile. I hope they come out soon!

  13. I just downloaded the whole set! I’m curious as to what MP stands for on the set that has each standard listed on a single page. Thank you! Excited to get started

  14. Anonymous says:

    You are amazing!!! Can’t wait until there is a third grade version!! :)

  15. How do you use standards based grading to assess spelling and vocabulary acquisition?

  16. @Chasity- Standards based grading only grades the standard acquisition. So, if spelling grade appropriate words is a standard, the student would show a level for that standard.
    @Cory- the highest these go is 5th grade. Thanks!

  17. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade language arts. Will you be working on these versions for ELA? Also, how is the preassessment and postassessment going for you in ELA? I’m kind of confused as to how to really document these standards because they are used throughout the year and many of these standards can be answered in 1 question on a test. So, do you put multiple standards on 1 test? Furthermore how do you pretest these standards? Do students read the story and answer the questions without teacher assistance as a pretest? Then, afterwards, the teacher teaches that story and gives them the same test to show growth??

  18. I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade language arts. Will you be working on these versions for ELA? Also, how is the preassessment and postassessment going for you in ELA? I’m kind of confused as to how to really document these standards because they are used throughout the year and many of these standards can be answered in 1 question on a test. So, do you put multiple standards on 1 test? Furthermore how do you pretest these standards? Do students read the story and answer the questions without teacher assistance as a pretest? Then, afterwards, does the teacher teach that story and give them the same test to show growth?? The more I think about this, the more confused I make myself. Lol

  19. WOW! I love all of your CC and standards based grading resources. This is our first year implementing both, so it’s quite time consuming. Will you will be making a 2nd grade Teacher Data Tracker & Grading Book and 2nd grade ELA Assessment Pack?

  20. Mrs. Peregrine says:

    Just what my teaching partner and I are looking for but wondering if you would be willing to send it to us in a Microsoft Word document if we were to purchase? Thanks so much!
    Mrs. P.

  21. I love this idea for K-2 as well! I’m currently just subbing but when a full time job comes around, this is one of the first things I’m purchasing to make my life a whole lot easier! I’m hoping a K, 1, or 2 will be out by then! I would love to use it!

  22. Hi Allee- You are NOT “just” subbing!! You are way to important to say just!! Thanks for your sweet comments, I appreciate it!

  23. Would love to see a first grade version? Rolling out common core, standard based grading/Marzano this year in NE Ohio.

  24. You are a busy woman but I am going to ask for more! One when will you have grade 2 and below ELA assessments like you do for the upper grade levels as well grading books,etc. for 2nd?

    Love your products! Thank you for your very hard work! Gigi. 2nd grade teacher

  25. Autumn Buch says:

    Would love to get this for 2nd grade!!! ((;

    Love your products!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I would love a kindergarten version!

  27. I have many of your other 6th grade products I purchased through TPT. Any chance you will be creating the 6th Grade version of Teacher Data Tracking and Grade Book {for 6th Grade Common Core ELA & Math}.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My team mates and I woujld definitely buy a first grade version!

  29. Anonymous says:

    2nd grade version would be fabulous!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’d absolutely love to be able to do this for and with my 2nd graders! Any chance a 2nd grade version is in the works?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I purchased the data binders and the assessments for 6th grade math….they look terrific! Is there a 6th grade teacher tracking set? If not, can I purchase the 5th grade set and type in my standards so I have the forms? Thanks!

  32. @Unfortunately I don’t have a 2nd grade of 6th grade version available. They are text editable which means you can type directly in the product, but you can’t change the existing text or add anything new. I hope this helps!

  33. Hi Kristine, I love all your Common Core stuff. I am buying the student set, teacher set, and assessments set. I am a little nervous getting this all together. I can’t seem to get the cute Baking Analogy poster. Is there a different place to get it?

  34. @Mrs. Rabun- Thank you! :) The baking analogy poster is found in the freebie at the end of this post. You will see it says “For those of you that have been on this standards based grading ride from the beginning, click here to grab all the info!” I hope this helps!

  35. Kristine! Amazing!

    Question: I teach 5th grade math and social studies in TEXAS. Is it possible to edit out every CC reference and replace it with the TEKS (the Texas state standards). Better yet, could you sell me a .docx version?

    Thank you in advance for your help. :-)

  36. Love, Love, Love all of your things and have shared the info and links with many friends. I can not find the bakery posters as that has really helped me understand SBG and makes an excellent explanation for parents. I found the free Part 2, 2 and 3 but the bakery info was not there.

  37. @Mrs. Swanson- Thank you so much for your comments! I updated the free PDF, and the cupcake analogy poster is now included! Not sure what happened to it (darn technology!)! ;) Enjoy!

  38. Anonymous says:

    I love this! Can you please make a 2nd grade one? I would absolutely love to purchase this!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I sooooo appreciate the hard work you have put in to this tracker! Thank you so much for your time and effort!

  40. Hello!!

    I see your 6th grade resources on your site (fabulous!!) Do you plan on creating a pack for the 6th grade?


  41. Would you happen to be making a 2nd grade teacher data tracker/grade book? I would love to purchase this and so would my team! It would be an amazing resource to have with the student binders.

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Michelle- At this time, I don’t have plans to create a 2nd grade version. However, make sure you follow my store if I change my mind. Thank you!

  42. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I’ve tried 3 times, but the last two pages say “Whoops, there was a problem” and I can’t get your wonderful cupcake analogy page. Could you please help me? Thanks,

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Sherry- Right above the cupcake analogy poster you will see a pink “HERE.” Click that to download all of the standards based grading slides. In those slides is my cupcake analogy poster. I just checked the link and it works. If you still have trouble, send me an email at nannini.kristine@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  43. How do you assess your students spelling with SBG? Currently, our district does weekly spelling work and assessments yet our standards do not assess spelling in that way.

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Angie- Weekly spelling with spelling tests are not technically a standard. Instead, grade-level vocabulary is. Take a look at the language standards for your grade. If you are teaching fifth, L.5.2e says “Spell grade-appropriate words correctly, consulting references as needed.” and the entire cluster of L.5.4 is on vocabulary acquisition and use. I hope that helps!

  44. This is so amazing!!! Please tell me you have this for 2nd grade?????

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Pia- Thanks so much! At this time, I haven’t decided if I will be creating a 2nd grade version. Make sure you follow my store to receive an email notification if I decide to post it. Thanks!

  45. Sativa Carter says:

    I absolutley love your ideas and the data tracking binders with all of your resources! I have had similar ideas and mind, but just have not had the vision on how it should all come together. The only problem I have now, is that I teach 7th grade math! Do you have any plans of creating a 7th grade math data tracking binder with assessements? I will promise to be your first customer if you do!!!

    Thank you again for all of your hard work,
    Sativa Carter

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Sativa- Thanks so much for your comments! I appreciate your kind words! I think I just responded to your question on TpT. :) At this time, I don’t have plans to create a 7th grade version. Sorry! Take care!

  46. Any chance for Kindergarten?

  47. I would also LOVE a 2nd grade packet. Hopefully there is enough interest soon!

  48. kevin thompson says:

    Nice piece . Speaking of which , if others requires to merge some PDF files , my business used a service here https://goo.gl/Q9G7zU.

  49. These are great resources and suggestions. Thanks for your comments about planning, in addition to grading. When I changed to standards-based grading, I did not anticipate how much of my planning and instruction would shift as well. You provide some great considerations about how to be standards-based throughout the whole teaching and learning cycle.

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, Sara. I’m so glad to hear these posts helped!

  50. Hi!! I’m such a fan of your smart products. My whole 2nd grade team would LOVE it if you ever decide to make a 2nd grade version of this. Please,oh, please! :-) Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  51. I love the idea of your assessments and we do use standard based grading at our school so it goes along perfectly. I love the idea of standards based grading because it really helps my students find their weaker points and work on those. I do have one question since I am going to use your assessment bundle this year. When you are grading the RL and RI standards, how do you determine what would be a 4, 3, 2, or 1? Writing standards are a little easier because you the rubrics allow you to break it into the parts and see if they just are missing part of the standard that needs to be retaught, but with reading standards its hard to tell if they just didn’t understand that particular question or if they are missing the concept. What do you think?

  52. What type of incentives can I give my students to strive for a 4 on the standards? How can I keep them motivated to do their best?

  53. Eldrickdine Thompson says:

    I really like your data trackers/standards based grading and was wondering if you have them available for Texas (TEKS).

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hello! Thank you! While these aren’t aligned to TEKS, they are editable. So you can change the standards to match your state’s standards. I hope that helps!

  54. I’d like a 1st grade version.

  55. I would love a 2nd grade version as well! It looks like you would have many interested. Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Lesly!

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