March Madness Math Project and Spring Persuasive Writing Packs

Our March Madness Tournament Project is in FULL SWING! Click HERE or the button at the bottom of this post to check it out!

Since the majority of this project can be completed after the tournament is over, we are having fun right now just watching the games at home and updating our brackets. I love hearing that my kids are at home spending time with their families by watching the games and talking about math! :)

The great thing about this project is that it can be implemented at any time of the year. I had a teacher share with me that she used last year’s brackets and did this project back in January!! It can also be an independent home project or an at school whole class project. I plan to use it both ways since our Spring Break starts next week. So, I plan to slowly teach my kids each part of the project in order for them to complete some of it at home on their own.

I always start by teaching my students how to fill out the brackets. Some students have parents at home that are into sports and shared with them their own brackets, but this year my kids needed a bit more help. It was super easy and because 2 of our state’s teams are in the tournament this year, I had their FULL attention!

Once the students understood how the bracket system worked, the next morning I gave them time after their morning work to update their brackets. Many of my students don’t have access to televisions or computers at home, and despite the fact that we only have 2 laptops in our classroom this took my students about 3 minutes.

On Monday we will do a little cross-curricular work and tie in social studies in order to see which states have teams playing in the tournament this year. This will then kick off our study of probability, which my high kids have been begging me for this year!

Here are more pages that are included in this resource:

March Madness Basketball Project Based Learning by Kristine Nannini
March Madness Basketball Project Based Learning by Kristine Nannini
March Madness Basketball Project Based Learning by Kristine Nannini
March Madness Basketball Project Based Learning by Kristine Nannini

Click HERE or the button below to check out the March Madness Activities above!

On another note, since we only have 3 days of school this week, I prepped these super cute writing projects from my Spring Persuasive Writing Pack.

This pack is full of great stuff to get us through those crazy spring months! There are prompts about spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and I’ve even gotten a head start and started thinking about Mother’s Day, too!

You can check my Spring Persuasive Writing Pack HERE!

Being that I am in the middle of packing boxes, hiring painters and plumbers in preparation for our big move, I will thank myself in May when I drop dead of exhaustion! ;)

What are you up to blogger friends!?


  1. I LOVE your tie-in to March Madness. Last year in my room I had the kids each pick a team out from random out of a cup and that was their team they were rooting for throughout the tournament. Of course I rewarded winning teams with candy to make it more exciting. I agree that it’s a fun way to tie in some at home involvement, even if it has to do with basketball!

    I am a new blogger (as of last night!) and would love for you to come check out my first post, when you get time!

    I’ve Got It Made in Second Grade

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