Halloween Math Centers and Activities Pack

I’m here to spread a little happiness on this Monday afternoon by sharing my latest Halloween Math Centers and Activities Pack with you all!

Creating these holiday packs seriously make me happy inside! Don’t get me wrong, I love creating those 400+ page ELA Assessments, but this is a nice break! Not to mention, I love these in my own classroom. It is such a busy time of the year, and with our state testing upon us, it feels a little crazy. So a fun holiday pack seems just right! :)

I want to quickly share all of the great stuff you can find in this pack, so that we can get to the fun stuff: the giveaway!! Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to enter the giveaway!

Each page in this Halloween Math Pack can be used as a center activity, an independent activity, during math workshop, on a holiday party day, or even to supplement some of your current math units. The best part is that I have included answer keys and directions in student language, so you can print and go!

My students’ all time favorite activities are the “Color by Number” activities found in all of my holiday packs. They seriously ask for more each time they finish a new one!

In this pack, I have included three different “Color by Number” activities. The first is a Color by Difference activity in which students subtract multi-digit numbers across zeros in order to color in the picture.

The last two are Color by Rounding activities. The first Color by Rounding has students rounding multi-digit whole numbers to any place, and the second has students rounding decimals up to the hundredths.

The next activity is called Arachnid Angles, and students have to find the missing angle measurements in 90 degree and 180 degree angles.The catch is that the angles are spider webs!
My students may think I am the biggest cheese-ball, but these spider web angles seriously excite me!
Next are the line plot activities called Petrifying Plots. Line plots are always a tough thing for my students, so any additional practice creating and using line plots helps.

Another activity I am super excited about is the Greatest Common Trickster activity in which students need to find the greatest common factors of numbers. How cute are these little Halloween trick-or-treaters?

There are honestly so many fun activities in this pack! And guess what…these aren’t even all of them! Check out some images of the preview below, or click here or the button below to see more information on this pack! Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out my giveaway!!

I want to give this pack away to 5 lucky teachers! All you have to do is leave me a comment about your favorite Halloween party day idea with your students, and leave your email with your comment! The first 5 comments win! For those that don’t win, I have the product on sale for you 15% off tonight only! Hurry the sale ends at midnight! Happy Halloween!

For those of you that may not be able to celebrate Halloween, don’t forget to check out my other fall products! Click here to check out one of them!


  1. I am a resource room teacher so I am excited to make treats for the students. I am going to make Witches Warts (chocolate chips), Ghost Poop (marshmallows), Monster Scabs (Honey Grahams), and Jack-o-lantern Teeth (candy corn).

  2. I am a third year teacher in Michigan. This is my first year in fifth. Last year my students played a game with toilet paper to see which group could create a mummy the fastest. I looped with my students so I need to come up with new games this year. I am ready for MEAP to start tomorrow :) apruett@bendleschools.org. We love all your products.

  3. What a cute idea! Thanks Andrea! Welcome to 5th and good luck on the MEAP tomorrow! Check your email! :)

  4. Thanks Teaching and Learning! You’ll be the last of the giveaways since I’m feeling extra generous! ;) Send me your email if you can!

  5. Thank-you. I am loving fifth grade! I cannot wait to share this with my students. I am sure they will love it! Good luck to you and your students tomorrow.

  6. Andrea- give me a home email. I keep getting a failure message from your school address. Thanks!

  7. I’m a first year fifth grade teacher, and I plan to give each of my students a clementine with a jack-o-lantern face drawn on with Sharpie! Try to keep it fun, but healthy (at least while in school)!

  8. While I haven’t been able to the past few years, this year I’m hoping to be able to do some painting for the fall in my classroom too! I also like to make them halloween treats!


    Thank you! Nicole

  9. Missed the give away, but here’s my favorite fall activity. We play fall Pictionary. I put things we do during fall on strips of paper. Kids pick a strip and the rest of the class tries to guess what the picture is about. The kids LOVE this activity. We usually do this while we are eating goodies. It’s a quiet, but fun activity for the entire class to enjoy.

  10. Hello. I teach fourth grade and was looking for some cute activities to help my kiddos with subtracting across zeros. I love your Color by Difference activity. Is there a way to just get the Color by Difference and rounding set? I would buy your whole package, but I think many of the activities would be too advanced for my fourth graders. Thanks.

  11. Hi Ursula- I’m not selling the one activity separate, sorry! However, many of the activities are actually aligned with 4th grade Common Core Standards. Thanks!

  12. Hello there, my favorite Halloween party activity is two fold; first the kids get to dress up as their favorite element from the periodic table of elements and we have a fashion show. Second, we create slime and do activities around different types of polymers. The kids love testing how far it will stretch, trying to figure out what state of matter is actually is. Lots of fun.

  13. These look great. I love their names! We do a bat unit this time of year and I love to do “batty” activities in lieu of a Halloween party. We measure our wingspans and make our own bat wings out of black trash bags. We also play a blindfolded game using echolocation and use toothpicks to make a chiroptera skeleton.

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