FREE Color-by-Number Simile Activity

I’m back to share a fun and FREE simile activity with you. Grab it HERE!

Coloring is so relaxing and I love adding to my lesson plans whenever I can. Luckily, I found a way to squeeze it into a figurative language lesson. Your students will love this color-by-number activity. It also teaches them about the literary element of simile. Read on to get a closer look and check out some of my tips for implementation.

FREE color-by-number simile activity

What’s Included?

This FREE simile activity is a great resource to use while teaching figurative language. It includes a printable with a butterfly image and a list of eight sentences. The answer sheet is included for you as well. There’s also clickable links to more figurative language practice resources and my newsletter link for more freebies, plans, and product updates. 

FREE color-by-number simile activity

Print Version and Digital Version

Perfect for spring, this color-by-number includes a cute butterfly and a list of eight sentences. Students will select the simile example. Correct answers will give them the colors they need to finish the picture. 

If you’re utilizing a digital version, students will drag circles to the correct answer and can fill in their picture by dragging colors to the butterfly. 

FREE Digital color-by-number simile activity

Using this Resouce

This freebie is perfect for a number of activities. You can use it to check for understanding after teaching simile, you can use it as a quick review of figurative language. It can be a bellringer or part of your emergency sub plans. Depending on how you have activities set up in your classroom, your students can use this as a “fast finisher” activity. Additionally, students can use it as a quick and stress-free take-home assignment.

Read-Aloud Idea

Stubborn as a Mule was always a class favorite when we started our figurative language lesson. Your students will laugh and learn about what similes are at the same time. It is filled with silly similes and funny cartoon art to match! Your upper elementary students will get a kick out of this book!

Then use the simile color-by-number resource as a small group race activity. Start by grouping your students into partners or groups of three. Explain the directions and pass out the papers. Once everyone is ready start working, begin. Have a small prize for the first group to complete the activity 100% correctly. After everyone has completed the assignment, review, and find the simile words to make sure everyone is understanding what makes a sentence a simile. The following day, the students could work on writing their own similes and then illustrating a picture to match.

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Additional Practice

Are you looking for more figurative language activities designed for student engagement? Check out my differentiated reading passages and questions for figurative language practice here.

I also have a great Grammar Skill of the Week review that can be used all year long. 

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