FREE Metaphor Match-Up Activity

I’m back to share my FREE metaphor match-up activity! Grab it HERE.

Learning about metaphors is such an important skill for students. Higher-level texts are packed with metaphors and other types of figurative language that students must interpret for comprehension. Metaphors are also a powerful tool in students’ writing. They can be used to describe things more vividly, make things easier to understand, or make things more relatable for readers.

This FREE metaphor match-up activity is a perfect way to introduce and practice metaphors in your classroom.

What’s Included?

In this metaphor match-up FREEBIE, I have included two different activities for students and answer keys to make this easy to implement. Both activities are baseball-themed making them perfect for spring or any time of year.

Activity #1

In this first activity, students will read the seven sentences in the baseball bats and underline the metaphors that they find. Then, students will match the metaphor to its literal meaning by coloring the baseball to match the color above each bat. I’ve also included an answer key so that you can quickly check this activity or allow students to self-check

Activity #2

The second matching activity also requires students to recognize and interpret metaphors. First, students will underline the metaphor in the baseball bat. Then, students will draw a line from the bat to the ball to match the metaphor to its meaning. I’ve included answer keys with this activity as well.

Print or Digital Options

If you love your online classroom and saving paper, I have a digital version you can assign students. In this digital version of the first activity, your students will drag lines to underline the metaphors in each activity. To finish their coloring, students will drag the colors over the baseballs to match the metaphors to their meaning. In the second activity, I’ve included lines that students will use to match the metaphors to their meaning.

Using this Resource

You can use this freebie in a number of different ways:

  • Formative assessment
  • Summative assessment
  • Quick check for understanding
  • Homework
  • Review
  • Bellringer
  • Fast finisher activity
  • Emergency sub-plan

Metaphor Mentor Text

I love to introduce new skills with mentor texts. My Mouth is a Volcano is a perfect mentor text for introducing metaphors to your class. The author uses metaphors to create vivid imagery comparing the main character’s mouth to a “volcano” and his outbursts to “eruptions”. The illustrations really help students understand both the literal and figurative meanings of the metaphors.  

While reading this book, you can stop at each metaphor, and write them on the board or an anchor chart. Then, you can have students discuss the metaphors and compare the literal and figurative meanings of each.

Additional Practice

Are you looking for more figurative language activities designed for student engagement? Check out my differentiated reading passages and questions for figurative language practice here.

I also have a great Grammar Skill of the Week review that can be used all year long. 

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