Bunting Flags and Some Dots on Black!

So random, but during my first year of teaching, (2 years ago) my mom surprised me one day with a GIANT roll of fabric she had picked out to decorate my room. Who would have thought that my non-teacher, non bloggy, totally not in touch with her classroom decorator/pinterest-side-of-a-mom would have showed up with the ever so famous DOTS ON BLACK fabric that has become so popular lately (see Creative Teacher Press). Buying (err…I mean INVESTING) in fabric like that for your classroom can be so expensive, trust me! So the more popular the pattern gets, the more I see the patten all over the place! You mean, I can even buy bulletin board borders and cute little scrapbook papers with my dots on black design, too? AND this all matches my super cute make-shift curtains that I made 2 years ago?! SIGN ME UP!

So…what’s a girl to do with yards and yards of DOTS ON BLACK fabric you ask? Why, make a bunting flag for her classroom of course! I was inspired by this post by the super cute first grade teacher, Abby at: The Inspired Apple Cheap and Easy No Sew Fabric Banner

Here are the pics of my bunting flags. FYI- the whole no-sew-heat and bond stuff was super difficult for me! Ha! I am obviously a new crafter, and will be the first to admit that my DIY Martha skills are a little shaky…I managed to get that sticky stuff ALL over my ironing board and iron!

I am pretty proud though, they turned out super cute!

I have visions of my black on dots bunting flags looking like this… (I wish!)

*Can’t get into my classroom for another week!


  1. I am doing a dots on black theme in my classroom too! Where did your mom get the fabric?

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