Are You Following Me On Social Media?

Well? Are you?!

Howdy blog world! I just want to stop by real quick to remind you to follow me on social media!

I am pretty active on social media, and it’s the best way to check out what I am up to on a regular basis!

I even shared my wedding video trailer on Facebook this past week!

Not to mention, I love doing giveaways and throwing sales periodically. Following me on social media is the best way to know when those things are happening!

Now I want to leave you with a little sneak peak at the HUGE blog series and resource I am currently working on. I seriously can’t wait to reveal it all!

Come back soon to see what it’s all about!


  1. Amy Knight says:

    First, as many others do, I LOVE all your work and have enjoyed reading your blogs and purchased several of your items…. thanks for ALL YOU DO to help educators!!!!

    Second, just a very quick question. I remember seeing a 4 scale rubber stamp created on Vista Print and I loved it. I thought I saw it on your website at one point a while back. I wondered if it was you and if I could somehow get a picture of it as I would love to create one too. I thought I saved a picture of it, but am unable to find it.

    If you could help me with this, I would sure appreciate it, and do hope it is only a quick question!

    Partners in education,

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