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For those of you looking to do some virtual team building, I have some exciting news! In a previous blog post you can read HERE, I shared some great team-building activities, ice breakers, and get-to-know-you games to start your year off right. I’m happy to announce that the resource from this blog post recently received a very major digital update!

Now, you can easily build community and have students participate in virtual team building activities using ZoomTM and your online classroom platform. 

Team Building product cover on a tablet

Note: If you’ve already purchased my Back to School Team Building Activities resource, this virtual team building update is completely FREE. Just login to your TpT account, download the updated file, and access the virtual update. 

Student hands together building community

Now you might be asking – what does virtual team building look like? If you’ve ever done distance learning before, then you’re probably familiar with video meetings (Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.) and a virtual classroom (Google Classroom, Seesaw, Schoology, etc.). I designed each activity to be completed using this technology. This digital update has so many options to make sure you are 100% covered to start the year. I’ve taken some of my most popular games and made them 100% digital. 

Virtual Team Building Hot Seat Activity
Virtual Team Building Would you Rather Activity
Virtual Team Building Jumbled Words Activity
Virtual Team Building Word Scramble Activity

I walk you through step-by-step how to edit each activity to fit your needs. In addition, each activity includes step-by-step student and teacher instructions. So all of the work has been done for you.

Each virtual team building activity includes individual and collaborative options.

Virtual Team Building two truths activity

With the collaborative option, your whole class or small groups of students can work together on the digital assignment. In addition, I provide you with step-by-step directions on how to complete the activity with a Zoom meeting. I also walk you through how to do a Screen Share with your students on your video meeting.

Virtual Team Building Story Starters

In the above collaborative example, students will all work together on the same file. The teacher will write out the story starter and each student will go in and add to the story on their designated line.

I also added some brand new digital activities such as the All About Me Monster activity. With this activity, students practice manipulating items and working in Google Classroom while also sharing things about themselves.

Virtual Team Building All About Me Monster

You and your students will have a good laugh with these ad-lib back to school newsletter articles. These can be completed independently and shared via a Zoom meeting or completed collaboratively.

Virtual Team Building Mad Libs
Virtual Team Building Mad Libs

Your writers and storytellers will love building a story with their classmates. In Teamwork Tales, I provide fifteen story starters, so you can even do this at different times throughout the year.

Virtual Team Building Story Starter Ideas

Have you been looking for ideas to make your Zoom meetings fun and engaging? I’ve included activities to have fun team-building video chats.

Virtual Team Building Zoom Meeting Icebreakers

In this resource, I also provide you with editable virtual invitations to invite and welcome students to your Zoom meetings. 

Virtual Team Building Zoom Meeting Invitatation
Virtual Team Building Zoom Meeting Invitatation
Virtual Team Building Zoom Meeting Invitatation
Virtual Team Building Zoom Meeting Invitatation

With so many options, I promise you will find what you’re looking for in this resource. As always – make memories, have fun, and enjoy your students!

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  1. My school is using Schoology. Could I still use the digital version of your community building exercises on that platform? Even though yours is set for Google classroom?

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Laura- Thanks for your message! It is my understanding that you can! You just have to do a few things on your end. If you take a look at the Schoology website, they provide some information there.

  2. Can we use google meets instead of zoom?

  3. emilie myers says:

    i want to buy this for my sister. If i purchase it, how do I get it to her so she can use it?

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Hi Emilie- Thanks! It will be a digital download in PDF form. Once you purchase it, you can email it to her.

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