Using My Valentine Math Pack in our Classroom

As promised, I wanted to show you how we are using the Valentine Math Pack in our classroom a bit more. Click HERE or the button at the end of this post to check this pack out!

Naturally, I am WAY too planned in advanced, but I need to be! I have a small group of SUPER quick learners in math this year. If I don’t come prepared, they will be bored sitting through our unit when they have mastered skills on day two.

While I do offer tons of enrichment opportunities for my students, these math packs have come in handy for all of my students. I also used these with a sub last week, and the activities were perfect for that! I include recording sheets and answer keys with every item, so my sub graded them while I was out, and I was able to use them for a grade. BONUS!

One of my kids’ favorites in all of my math packs is the Color by Number for Big Kids! This one is Color by Fraction. Students have to perform the operation with fractions in order to color in the picture.

Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini

We also had indoor recess last week, and my kids asked if they could play Valentine Battleship during indoor recess. Um…YES?!! Valentine Battleship is a favorite, and perfect for those students still practicing basic coordinate graphing/ordered pairs. We typically play with real candy hearts, but I include printable hearts, too!

Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
Also, we had our mid-year STAR Math assessments last week, and I wanted to take a day or two to review past concepts. I have done a number of different things to review, but on this particular day, with indoor recess, I knew we needed something fun! We played equivalent fraction GO-FISH! My kids LOVED it! The brightly-colored cards helped so much, and they were so excited when I pulled them out. It’s amazing how a visually appealing printable or game grabs my kids’ interest.
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
While we rotated our guided groups, I pulled a small group to review long division. I have a very small group of about four students who still need a little bit of help with long division. I have tried everything, and while I am a firm believer in building number sense in my students, I sometimes think PRACTICE makes better!
To help my small group practice, I created fun Cryptogram Puzzles with long division problems. It is important that all of your groups get the opportunity to play games or do the fun stuff, not just your high students.
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
This is just a small sample of what is included in this Valentine’s Day Math Pack! I plan to bring out the rest of the activities closer to Valentine’s Day, or even on our party day!
Valentine Math Centers and Activities by Kristine Nannini
All of these activities come in both color and black and white.
Want to see even more of what’s included in this pack? Click HERE or the button below to check out the 13 page preview of my Valentine’s Day Math Activities, Centers, Games, and more!
I also just posted my Valentine Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures! Click HERE to check them out!


  1. Hi Kristine,
    I have a question for you- not related to this post though. Do you do anything for a behavior incentive/management plan in your room? I am new to 5th this year, and I want to change what I am doing. I am searching the blog world for new ideas. I’d love to know what you do!

  2. Hi Becky-
    Thanks for your comment! I am a CRAZY person when it comes to management in my classroom. The only REAL secret is to practice, practice and PRACTICE some more (so it is automatic for your students.)

    Here are some blog posts of mine from the past about my management system:
    Getting Back to The Grind

    Building Community Through Respect

    Management Monday and a Freebie

    Back to School Management Idea

    The Dream Class- Remembering Our Purpose

    These are just a few I have posted about, I am sure there are more. I hope these help! Let me know if you need more ideas. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Hi there! I’m your newest follower! Can’t wait for your future posts- I love the ideas I’ve read already! :)
    ideas by jivey

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