How to Get an Updated File on TpT

I received a question today from the sweetest lady on TpT. She was concerned that she had already purchased my assessments, and now that I had updated them with the answer keys, she was afraid she was going to have to purchase them again! Once you purchase something, it is yours FOREVER!

Any updates that I make to any products, you get to download FOR FREE!

I have added ALL answer keys to ALL assessments, and I am now working on changing the font of my 5th Grade Homework Packs.

For those of you who are unsure of how to get your updated file, see below:

First, log in to your Teachers Pay Teachers account and go to your “dashboard.” 

Then, follow the steps below: 

Sorry I don’t have more to share with you this evening! My conferences start tomorrow, and I am in the middle of moving…AHH!! Say a prayer I make it Spring Break my friends!

P.S.- I PROMISE ELA Assessments are coming VERY soon! I have received ALL of your emails. Y’all are TOO sweet! :)



  1. Kristine–thanks for adding the answer keys, btw. They are a HUGE time saver. Good luck on your move!

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