Holiday Themed Reading Comprehension

Happy November blog world! Ugh! November already?! Did you know that as I type this, there are only 48 days until Christmas?! BRING.IT.ON!

I wanted to share with you my latest holiday themed product that I am SO excited about!! This might be my most favorite creation YET!!!

Holiday Themed Reading Comprehension Passages, Books, and Assessments!

Practicing reading comprehension is such an important skill in my classroom, and I look for any way to read with my kids. Since I can’t ever get a whole class set of books, these will be PERFECT!
Not to mention, the topics that I wrote about will help teach students about Christmas around the world! There are two fiction passages/books and two nonfiction passages/books, for a total of four passages! Here’s a close up of some of the books below! Aren’t the illustrations amazing?! The fabulous Kari Bolt did them, and her talent is incredible!

For those that are stressed about copy limits, or use of paper, don’t worry! I also have vertically aligned passages with no pictures!

These are perfect for assessing the Common Core Standards, for small group intervention work, for reading homework, or just for fun! Each passage comes with 10 Common Core aligned questions. The questions include multiple choice, and written response. Answer key pages and standards addressed pages are also included!

Check out more by looking through the preview pages HERE or by clicking the button below! You can also get a quick blurb about what each passage/book is about in the preview.

And hurry up, because I’ve got it on sale for 20% off until midnight tonight only!!


  1. I just found your blog and I am so impressed! All your products are absolutely amazing! I can’t imagine creating all of this wonderful stuff… must take so much time! Thank you for putting the time in :)

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