Halloween Math Project

I’m here to share a fun Halloween math project that you can do with your students in the days or weeks leading up to Halloween (or even on the day of your Halloween party). So put on your coolest costume and hit all the houses, because it’s time for The Great Halloween Candy Competition!

The Great Halloween Candy Competition is a real-world Halloween math project that requires students to budget their money, strategize, and get the most candy possible. Click HERE to check it out.

Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini

Students will use simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication to choose a job at a haunted house, create a costume, choose their transportation, plan a route on their Trick-or-Treating Map, and more.

Students will complete the five steps of this resource to see how much candy they can get. Each step is a different activity that they must complete. See below to read more about the steps of the project

1. Get a Job:

First, students will take a job at a haunted house. They have to choose the best job that will help them earn enough money to buy a costume and transportation.

2. Buy Your Costume:

Next, students decide how awesome they’ll make their costume. A more elaborate costume will earn them extra candy but also cost them more money. There is some strategy involved. Students will then purchase the items and draw the costume.

3. Choose Your Transportation:

To get around on Halloween, students will also make some calculations and pick a method of transportation that will take them the distance on their trick-or-treating travels.

Students will also have the opportunity to decorate their method of transportation. This is an open-ended art activity that allows students the opportunity to use their imagination and be creative!

4. Plan Your Route:

For the next step, students will complete the Trick-or-Treating Map and plan the best route to get the most candy possible. This step will also test their critical thinking skills as they plan the most efficient route that gets them the most candy.

Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini
Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini

5. Calculate Your Candy:

Last, students calculate the amount of candy they received while trick-or-treating to see if they’re the champion of the class.

Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini

Bonus Activity – Writing Prompt:

Students have the chance to convince you that their costume deserves extra candy by writing a persuasive piece that’s backed up with reasons and evidence. You can pass this out to early finishers or do it as a whole-class extension activity.

Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini
Halloween Math Project by Kristine Nannini

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