Free Veterans Day Activities

If you’re looking for some FREE Veterans Day activities to use on or before November 11, you’re in the right place! In this post, you’ll find some great read-aloud books, a fun letter-writing activity, and some informational reading passages that will help your students practice their reading comprehension skills. All the activities here are an exclusive freebie for my newsletter subscribers! You can sign up, and grab your copy HERE!

1. Veterans Day Read Alouds

Read alouds are a great way to introduce the holiday. Granddad Bud: A Veterans Day Story by Sharon Perry is great story that will be relatable for many students. In this story, a student brings their grandfather to an assembly. The students think Veterans Day is a “boring holiday“ until they learn more about how important honoring our veterans truly is.

Rags: Hero Dog of WW1 – A True Story by Margot Raven is another story your students will love. In this story, Rags joins an American soldier named Donovan on the battlefield and helps him and his fellow soldiers. But during a fierce battle near the end of the war, both Rags and Donovan are wounded. Rags stays by Donovan’s side during his last days in the hospital. This one gets emotional, and students won’t forget it.

There are many great options, so be sure to check them all out to grab the best ones for your students.

Read aloud time to ask students questions and gauge what they already know about veterans. Create a list of talking points or questions for students to think about as they work through this lesson. Some examples:

  • What makes someone a veteran?
  • How do we honor veterans on Veterans Day?
  • Why is Veterans Day celebrated on November 11th?
  • What are some symbols of the holiday?
  • How is Veterans Day different from Memorial Day?

2. Thank a Veteran Writing Activity

In this activity, students will honor a veteran by writing a thank-you note! Included here: 1) A How To: Letter Writing Page with an example letter, 2) A Label a Letter Page that allows students to show what they know by labeling the different parts of a letter, and 3) Letter Writing Publishing Pages to write their letters.

Free Veterans Day Activities by Kristine Nannini

If you don’t have specific veterans to thank for their service, I also provide instructions on where to send the letters. Your students can send the letters to veterans in your school community or community at large. The local VA center, VA hospital, or are also great options.

Free Veterans Day Activities by Kristine Nannini

Everything your students need to thank a veteran for their service is included HERE!

3. Veterans Day Reading Comprehension Passages

This FREEBIE also has two informational text passages that will help your students understand this holiday. The first passage tells about Veterans Day. The second examines the Army’s enlistment requirements. Students will be engaged and get some great practice with text features and determining main idea.

Veterans Day Passage

This informational text describes Veterans Day by explaining what it is, its history, how its different from Memorial Day, and ways to celebrate it. Students will answer questions related to the passage and its text features.

Ready to Serve Passage

This passage is an informational text that describes some requirements that a person must meet to join the army. First, students will complete an organizer to identify the main idea and key details of each body paragraph. Then, they’ll answer questions about the main and key details of the entire text.

Digital Option Included

Free Veterans Day Activities by Kristine Nannini

A FREE resource, honoring veterans, and getting reading and writing practice – what could be better?

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