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In case you haven’t noticed, these winter months are a really great time to review some ELA skills you covered earlier in the year. While holiday breaks are necessary, students lose some learning over those days off from school. It’s also been awhile since they’ve practiced with some of the standards you covered in those first few months. If your students could use some grammar and reading review before your next unit, then you need to check out this FREEBIE. This winter-themed resource will help students refresh those language, grammar, and reading comprehension skills they learned earlier in the year.

Grammar Review

One of the first things I cover in language or grammar every year is parts of speech. Language standards are heavy on the rules and exceptions. Often, my students could apply rules correctly in their writing while we were covering the skills. However, as we added more and more language skills over the months, I noticed the prior ones started to slip. In this FREE Grammar and Reading Review, you can quickly practice parts of speech (ordering adjectives, pronouns, relative pronouns, conjunctions), verb tense, capitalization, punctuation, affixes, figurative language, and more in a few minutes. Grab it HERE!

I made sure to cover a wide range of topics that your students can review in one day. In addition, you’ll find answer keys to help you or your students quickly check for understanding.

Reading Review

The next part of this FREEBIE contains two reading comprehension passages and questions. There is one literature passage and one informational passage so that you can hit the reading skills you covered earlier in the year.

In Sammy’s Snowman, a student who lives in California wishes she could build a snowman just once. After making her wish, some strange and wonderful things started happening in class that day! Not only will your students love this story, they’ll get practice using context clues, determining theme, making inferences, interpreting figurative language, and determining point of view. Answer keys are included for quick checking.

For the informational standards, students will learn about the Science of Snowflakes. It’s a perfect passage to tie into the winter theme. My students were always really engaged learning about the how, why, and where behind snowflake formation. They’ll also make inferences, use context clues, and analyze how ideas ideas are connected. In addition, they’ll practice determining main idea and key details, and responding to questions using details from the text.

A FREE Grammar and Reading Review that also ties into winter – what could be better? How about a digital version, too! Grab them HERE!

ELA Review Digital Option

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