Create Your Own Dog Business Math Project

A fun math project always gets students excited. They get to connect the math they are learning in class to the real world. Best of all, these projects can also show students how math helps them better understand and describe the world around them.

There is a real-world application for almost every form of math. To show this to students, I created my latest math project – Create Your Own Dog Business: A Real-World Math Project Using the Four Operations.

This resource is now digital. You can have your students complete this project through Google Classroom. Click HERE to check it out.

Businesses that provide daycare, grooming, and boarding for our furry friends are popping up across the country. Now I’m asking students to create one of their very own.

Create Your Own Dog Business is a real-world math project that gives students the freedom to create and design a dog business.

At the start, students are given explicit directions for each step of the project.

They will use the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to find a location, secure a bank loan, choose equipment, use a blueprint to design different rooms, create and price grooming services, price homemade dog treats, market their business, and more.

Below is a sample of each of the activities:

At the very end, students have to market their business using both traditional and social media marketing strategies.

Have fun with your students while they get creative, learn about small businesses, and respond to authentic and engaging real-world math problems! 

Click HERE or the button below to see more of this fun math project.


    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Thanks so much, Gabriel!

  1. Stef Corley says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! I have looked everywhere and tried to make something myself. It wasn’t what I envisioned. You have done it! My vision has come to life! Thank you!

    1. Kristine Nannini says:

      Thanks so much, Stef! I appreciate your kind words!

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