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Character education is such a valuable tool in the classroom. It’s important to focus on your character education lessons and take advantage of the time to dive deep into building positive class community. This post focuses on the character education month of cooperation. If you haven’t seen my previous posts, you can see where I kick-off here. These cooperation picture books will help aid your lessons and activities.

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Teach valuable lessons about cooperation with age-appropriate books.

Today I will share my favorite picture books for teaching cooperation  in character education lessons. You can read a new title over the course of several weeks, use it as a discussion springboard, or make it part of your class library. 

The Eagle & the Wren by Jane Goodall

The birds begin to squabble about who can fly the highest. Wise owl devises a contest, and each contestant begins dropping out until only Eagle remains. A surprise plan ends up putting the little Wren in the top running, and teaches a lesson on teamwork. 

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Horsefly and Honeybee by Randy Cecil

Trouble brews when Honeybee decides to nap in the same flower as Horsefly. Neither wants to share, so they quarrel and leave. Unfortunately, they both meet up again after being captured by a hungry bullfrog! If they plan on escaping, they will have to figure out how to work together.

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

A Little SPOT of Teamwork: A Story About Collaboration and Leadership by Diane Alber

Lots of little SPOTS work together to show two children all the ways it means to be part of a team. There are multiple examples, from respecting differing opinions, being a good leader, and knowing how to encourage others. I love these examples that students can refer to!

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

After the Rain by Rebecca Koehn

Levi runs to play outside after the rain stops, but Polly puts an end to the fun when she decides she doesn’t want to share. Their puddle fight turns to teamwork when they realize the water is disappearing fast. This is a cute story about discovering it is more fun to play together.

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Going Places by Paul A. Reynolds

The annual Going Places contest is here! Each kid grabs a kit and scrambles to build their racing cart. Except Maya, who doesn’t seem to be in any hurry at all. It definitely doesn’t look like anyone else’s go-cart. But…who said it had to be a go-cart? Who’s to say there’s only one way to cross a finish line?

Read Aloud Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

The Perfect Plan by Leah Gilbert

Maya dreams of her perfect fort. She draws plans and gathers her supplies. Then she realizes she might need help to actually put it together. Luckily she has new friends who have the perfect skills to make the perfect fort. 

Read Aloud Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Goal! By Mina Javaherbin

Ajani and his friends are from a dusty township in South Africa. After earning a brand-new, fderation size soccer ball, these clever boys learn to kick, dribble, run and score. Unfortunately, a group of bullies come in and try to steal their ball.

Read Aloud Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night (Olive Branch) by Josh Selig

Red and Yellow live together in the branches of an olive tree. They are friends but are as different as can be. Sometimes co-existing peacefully can be difficult. Red wants to play, Yellow wants to sleep. This is a sweet bedtime story about tolerance and conflict resolution. It’s also based on an adorable animated TV show.

Read Aloud Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Seven Blind Mice (Reading Railroad) by Ed Young

One by one, seven little blind mice investigate the strange Something by the pond. They all come back with a different theory. Only when the last mouse goes out to explore the whole Something do they understand the true of what it is.

Books on Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

The Red Prince by Charlie Roscoe

The young prince of Zapada is imprisoned by invaders. He needs help in order to escape. He flees while still wearing his red pajamas, but realizes the whole land of Zapada is joined together in helping him. Everyone is also dressed in red in order to confuse the enemies. 

Books on Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Deep in the sea lives a school of fish. There are many wonders, but also dangers. The little fish are afraid of coming out of hiding, until Swimmy comes along. 

Books on Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

A House in the Woods by Inga Moore

One little pig made a home in a den, another little pig made a hut next door. One morning they return to find their big friends Bear and Moose have moved in! They all find themselves in a pickle when the homes collapse. Will they be able to find a home to share?

Books on Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac by Gabrielle Wang

The Jade Emperor of ancient China ruled the heaven and earth. He proclaimed a mighty race, naming the first 12 animals to cross the river as the winners, and thus having a year named after them. But there are 13 animals racing for only 12 places in the Zodiac. Who will be honest or devious? Which one will have to miss out?

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

Prince and Pirate by Charlotte Gunnufson

Prince and Pirate both have big personalities, and are proud of their very own fishbowls. It’s a great life for each, until they are scooped up and put in a shared tank. 

Picture Books to Teach Cooperation by Kristine Nannini

If you have other favorite cooperation picture books you like to include, share in the comments below! I love adding to my list of books, activities, and lessons. Don’t forget to check out my full bundle of Character Education resources. It gives you a toolbox of materials to help develop and practice positive character traits.

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