Catch a Leprechaun Competition FREEBIE!

I want to share this FREE math project with you to use with your students on St. Patrick’s Day! The Catch a Leprechaun Competition is a fun math project that accompanies the book How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace. Click HERE to grab a copy of the book to use with the project!

This project combines math (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and St. Patrick’s Day. As an added bonus, students can complete this project multiple times if they wish. Additionally, students can see if they have a better or worse catch chance than their classmates by choosing different robots and traps.

Students will complete the four steps of this resource to calculate their chance to catch the leprechaun. Like the children in the book, your students will try to catch the leprechaun using a robot and traps. How they budget their money will affect their catch chance.

Review of Important Math Concepts:

These activities cover the following concepts: addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Step 1: Gather Coins

Gather the Leprechaun's coins - Catch a Leprechaun math project

Step 2: Choose a Robot

Choose a Robot to Catch a Leprechaun
St. Patrick's Day Math Project - Choose a Robot

Step 3: Buy Traps

Buy Traps page - Catch a Leprechaun
Catch a Leprechaun - Buy Traps page

Step 4: Calculate Your Catch Chance

St. Patrick's Day Math Project

BONUS: Writing Prompt (optional extension activity)

Catch a Leprechaun Writing Activity

This resource is also digital.

Catch a Leprechaun Digital Activity

Grab the project by clicking HERE or opting in below!

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