A ‘Lil Data Binder Lovin’

These Student Data Tracking Binders have been PHENOMENAL to use in my class. No fluff, no hard to figure out standards, and EASY PEASY graphing! So easy that my kids LOVE them.

I have both Math and English Language Arts in my store. For each pack you receive:

  • “I can” statements checklist (written in kid language) that align to EVERY grade level Common Core Standard (ELA and Math).
  • “I can” statements data table with two sections for students to rate their learning and a section to document their percentage or score on their post-assessment.
  • Pre- and post-assessment scoring graphs on separate pages and one page.(assessments sold separately)
  • All rubrics and posters from my Marzano-themed Levels of Understanding Posters and Rubrics Pack
Read more about the set up and implementation of these data tracking binders HERE!


Click HERE to find your grade level’s version of Math and/or English Language Arts in my store! These Student Data Tracking Binders are now editable. You can swap out the language of the Common Core Standards for your state’s standards. You can also purchase this resource and edit it for a grade level not found in my store.
Below is a snapshot of the preview pages for one grade level’s Editable Math Student Data Tracking Binder, so you can see a closer look at what’s included!
Student Data Tracking Binders by Kristine Nannini
Student Data Tracking Binders by Kristine Nannini
Student Data Tracking Binders by Kristine Nannini
Student Data Tracking Binders by Kristine Nannini
Student Data Tracking Binders by Kristine Nannini

Want to see more of what’s included in my Student Data Tracking Binders? Click HERE to check them out!

Still have questions about implementing the data binders and assessments? Click HERE to check out this FREE Frequently Asked Questions pack in my store! 


  1. Love these. Do you use a program for your graphics and your boarders? I love them. I would like to make something like this for use in my 3/4 classroom. I work in a private system and we do use the common core somewhat, but have some of our own standards integrated in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you considered doing sixth grade materials? :)

  3. Hi everyone- check out my store! I have some 3rd and 4th grade materials and more on the way and 6th is coming soon!!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I could kiss your feet!! (That’s southern talk) Thank you so much for your hard work. I told my hubby that this document was worth it’s weight in gold and if he touched it, he would not like the outcome!! ;0) My students are going to benefit greatly from this and the parents will love seeing their growth! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Now, if I could only find an ELA data document…

  5. HA! Erin you are TOO sweet! Is it bad that I might be jealous of your southern talk and secretly want a southern accent? I am as midwest as they come, living in Metro-Detroit, but please excuse my bloggy talk as I throw out a ya’all once in a while!! Thanks SO much for your sweetness, AND the ELA binders are UP!

  6. stefunofit3 says:

    Any chance of 7th grade pre-algebra math data binders? I sure am crossing my fingers!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Have you considered a first grade binder?

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about a first grade binder?? :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    These are amazing! I am anxiously awaiting a 7th or 8th grade binder! :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! First grade is required to be only common core in indiana. Our school is also implementing Marzano best practices. I have dabbled with a data binder this year and know it is important. However you have pulled them together really nicely compared to my hodge-podge. If you create a first grade one let me know and I will gladly be a customer. goldent@westnoble.k12.in.us

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would love a first grade binder!!

  12. Looking for the same stuff for 3rd grade ELA. Any chance of having this available? Love your stuff!

  13. Oh these look so perfect – if only there was a 6th grade ELA one – I know at least 4 teachers who would snap this up right away! :)

    1. Any update on 6th ELA? Or maybe an edit-able template? I’d like to revise what I use for next year, but I have a parent ready to help me prep them at the end of this year!!!

      1. Kristine Nannini says:

        Hi Melody- 6th Grade ELA Assessments and Teaching Notes are ALMOST DONE! Make sure you follow my store to receive an email notification once I post them. Thanks!

  14. Love these are you in the process of creating ELA assessment binder for 3rd grade?

  15. Are you still in the process of developing a 3rd grade ELA assessment binder? Looking forward to getting it because this not only meets common core it meets all the NEW teacher evaluation things too!

  16. Hi Jennifer! Yes 3rd Grade ELA Assessments are coming! They’re coming out very soon! Make sure you follow my store to receive an email when it’s posted.

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