5th Grade English Language Arts Assessments and Teaching Notes

FINALLLYYYYYYY!!!!!  Eight months my friends. Eight months of laboring over this resource and giving it my blood, sweat, and literally LOTS of tears to make it perfect for all of you (for those of you that have labored a real, live, human being, my hats go off to you ALL, as I am not there yet and know that creating an ELA Assessment is not the same!).

This assessment has been through my engagement, multiple holidays, and even survived a move! ;) It is classroom tested by a few different classroom teachers in order to make it even more perfect for you!

Without further ado… here she is in her 400+ page glory! CLICK HERE or the button at the bottom of this post to check out a closer and more detailed preview!

I’ve decided to create a 30+ page preview so that you can really see what is in this assessment.

Below are a few snapshots of the preview pages so you can see what is included. Some of the pictures here may seem a bit blurry because of the transfer of “snapshot” to blog. Click HERE to see a closer view!

All standards are assessed, even the super tricky Speaking and Listening, which hopefully won’t be as tricky with how I break them down.

First up:
Next up…Reading Informational:

Next is writing. I have included assessments for both the main standards (think 5.W.1, 5.W.2, 5.W.3, and all substandards 5.W.1a, 5.W.1b, etc.).

Language standards:
Reading Foundational Skills:

And last, Speaking and Listening:
And there you have it! Please know that this is a snapshot of the preview in which you can download and see closer HERE or by clicking the button below. Also, please know that this is only a preview of the 400+ pages included!

I will be blogging about these assessments in detail, since my students have been using them, in hopes that it helps many of you ease into assessing and tracking your students ELA data with my Student Data Tracking Binders.

Editable 5th Grade English Language Arts Student Data Tracking Binder by Kristine Nannini
Click HERE to check out my math Student Data Tracking Binders for other grades, and click HERE to check out my Math Assessments for other grades.

Have a great day!


  1. Woo hoo! As soon as I get my classroom money I’m heading straight for your store! :) I’m hoping my co-teacher next fall is on board!! These look great!

  2. What an awesome task to finish! :) Will you be working on the fourth grade assessments also? Just purchased the math for fourth grade. :)

  3. Thank you ladies!!! You all are SO sweet!

    @livismomma- I am about halfway done with 4th grade, so stay tuned! :)

  4. Absolutely phenomenon Kristine!!!! I cannot get over how thorough this resources is! I am telling my whole team tomorrow!!

  5. Awesome!! Can’t wait for the 6th grade version! ;)

  6. You are seriously amazing! All of your resources are incredibly helpful and meet the standards. Your descriptions or examples of personal use are always so helpful. You are so incredibly talented and are providing us all with these amazing resources to help us better our teaching, as well as use our time effectively and efficiently. Your blog and resources are hands down the best out there!!

  7. I can’t tell you how AWESOME I think you are. You have just made every 5th grade teacher’s job easier. This product is really going to help people adjust to the Common Core! Some people haven’t even looked at it yet and with your product, there really is no need because you have done everything!!! You ROCK!!!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  8. Oh Julie that makes me so happy! To know I can help teachers and students just a little bit makes me so happy! Thank you!! And you my friend have been so kind and helpful, so thank you (times a million!).

  9. Great Job! I am so very impressed! I am about to purchase your third grade math data binders for next year & the assessments…Do you plan on making an assessment toolkit for third grade as well? You are in such high demand, you should be hired by the department of Education!

  10. Oh my goodness! That’s the sweetest thing ever! Thank you!!!!!!!

    I am creating 3rd grade ELA assessments! Hopefully they’re out soon!

  11. When can I buy this?? It is amazing!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your 3rd grade math data binder assessments so I can’t wait to see the ELA in 3rd grade! You truly are amazing. When do you sleep?

  13. Haha! Thank you! You’d be surprised, I get LOTS of sleep ;) now cooking dinner and doing laundry…that’s another story! :)

  14. I can’t wait for the fourth grade one. Do you think it will be on your shop by early summer? I’d like to start planning for next year as soon as possible. Thanks for all the hard work you do for all of us. This looks so amazing and so helpful.

  15. Thank you Deanna!! Yes, I work my butt off to make sure it’s out before school starts! Thanks again for your sweet comments! Take care

  16. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the great things you’ve done with math! Sixth grade math, sixth grade math!

  17. This is amazing. I am wondering if I could download it and enter in 7th grade standards instead of 5th.

  18. @Ms. Liz it isn’t editable. Sorry!

    @Addrianne you can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! Thanks!

  19. Missy and Moe says:

    I absolutely love your products and they have helped so much! We are currently creating our 4th grade ELA units and assessments and I don’t know how you can do more than one grade! I am so overwhelmed! I am patiently waiting for the 4th grade ELA to hit your store! Again, thanks for putting this out there to help the rest of us!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing, to say the very least!

  21. This is seriously amazing. I am using your ELA and math data binder packs with my fourth graders this year, and I just downloaded your fourth grade math CCSS assessments. I seriously check your TPT store everyday for the fourth grade ELA assessments I know are coming… It will make my upcoming school year so much more organized and effective. You are unbelievable! Thank you!

  22. Aw thank you SO much Krista!! That is SO kind of you! The good thing about 4th grade ELA assessments vs. 5th is at least 4th grade are not taking 8 months!!! ;) I PROMISE they should be out any time now, as I am running through my final stage of edits!

  23. Can’t wait until the 4th grade ELA assessments are out. .I’ve been checking daily! Hopefully it’s soon! Thanks for all your hard work!

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