3rd Grade English Language Arts Assessments and Teaching Notes

It’s a miracle!!!! My 3rd Grade English Language Arts Assessments and Teaching Notes are DONE! Six months later, I have produced another 400+ page whopper! PFEW!

Can I just be real with you all for a moment. I embarked on this ELA assessment journey back in September 2012. In a year and a half, I have produced MORE THAN 1,200 hardcore pages of English Language Arts. I learned more about three grade levels of ELA than I could have ever imagined. I can probably tell you every 3rd through 5th grade standard in my sleep. HA! But I am so happy to have gone on this ride. The feedback and kindness you all share with me on the daily brings me to tears. THANK YOU!

Here she is! My 3rd Grade English Language Arts Assessments and Teaching Notes!

As with my other two ELA assessments, I created a 20-30 page preview so that you can really see what’s in this assessment. Below are a few snapshots of the preview pages so you can see what is included. Some of the pictures here may seem a bit blurry because of the transfer of “snapshot” to blog. Click HERE to check the preview out more closely!

First up:

Next up:
Next is writing. I have included assessments for both the main standards (think 3.W.1, 3.W.2, 3.W.3, and all sub-standards 3.W.1a, 3.W.1b, etc.).
Language Standards:
Reading Foundational Skills:
 Last, Speaking and Listening:
And there you have it! Please know that this is a snapshot of the preview in which you can download and see closer HERE or by clicking the button below. Also, please know that this is only a preview of the 400+ pages included! 

Here is the Editable 3rd Grade ELA/Literacy Student Data Tracking Binder

Editable 3rd Grade English Language Arts Student Data Tracking Binder by Kristine Nannini
Click HERE to check out my Student Data Tracking Binders for other grades, and click HERE to check out my math and ELA assessments for other grades!

Have a great day! 


  1. You are AWESOME!!! I purchased your 3rd Grade Math Assessments and I absolutely love them!!! Can’t wait to try the ELA packet!! It’s on my wish list!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh! Please tell me you’re not stopping at 3rd grade! I’ve been keeping a close eye for 2nd grade. I love, love, love what this could do for my class!

  3. Hey, I recently bought this from you and completely love the way you have created the tests! I am curious though how you plan out your teaching of all of these standards? Since there is a test for every standard do you teach them each individually and if so do they go in order? I am trying to see how to set up my LRPs for the skills that needs to be taught.

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